Vaping on a Budget - How to Keep Costs Low
Thursday , 19 April 2018
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Vaping on a Budget – How to Keep Costs Low

Whoever said that vaping (e-cigs) was a cheaper alternative to smoking cigarettes clearly hasn’t Sub Ohm vaped for very long. Initially, I would agree that it started off cheaper but as time went on and my devices got more advanced and the Ohmage got lower (Sub Ohm) my vaping costs increased drastically. Between E-Liquids and coil costs I seemed to be spending a lot more on vaping than I ever did on smoking, at the cost of my health this probably seems like a good pay off…  I am not sure I agree.

So I have been looking at ways of bringing down costs while still being able to enjoy vaping at Sub Ohm levels, the taste you get from your e-liquids while Sub Ohm vaping is quite a difference (not to mention the clouds are amazing). I will list what has worked well and what hasn’t for me personally.

Buy an Everday Vape Device

After vaping for a while I have ended up with the Uwell Crown (best price here) tank (two actually), this tank is the creme de la creme of tanks. Firstly because of the taste and flavour that comes through, secondly the cloud production is tops. Moving on… The one big drawback of the Uwell Crown is the fact that it annihilates juice, I went from refilling maybe twice a day to refilling 5 or 6 times (especially when working from home and able to vape pretty much constantly).

The Uwell Crown is a versatile tank so you can buy different coils ranging from 0.2 Ohm (TC) all the way through to 1.2 Ohm coils, I hope you can see where I am going with this. If you buy one setup that uses a high Ohmage coil for everyday vaping you will use far less e-liquid than with Sub Ohm vaping. The lower the Ohm the more power is required to heat the coil and the liquid thereof. I found my e-liquid usage to have cut down greatly by having a device that runs at 1.2 Ohms and one device that runs at 0.5 Ohm which I use at night and weekends.


My current setup for everyday vaping:

My current setup for Sub Ohm vaping:

I have found my sweet spot with these two setups.

You can go even more budget-friendly by using something like the Aspire Nautilus Mini on a Joyetech 50w, you will save so much on e-liquid it’s ridiculous. On an average day I use maybe 2 – 4 ml of e-liquid using the Nautilus Mini. However, the taste is sacrificed and the small tip just isn’t for me.

Increase Nicotine Levels

I found increasing the nicotine levels on my everyday vape device also helped a lot, because we are vaping at a much higher Ohmage you will need a bigger hit of nicotine to satisfy the craving. For my everyday vape I upped my nicotine from 0,3mg to 0,6mg or 12mg. As a result of the increased nicotine I was obviously needing to puff less and therefore using less e-liquid.

Most people want to lower their nicotine levels which is completely understandable but if you are stuck to your vape like a breathing apparatus then you are not getting enough nic to keep the cravings at bay.

Buy E-Liquid In Bulk And Local

Before the TDP initiative gets into full swing you can buy e-liquids in bigger bottles for cheaper than buy the standard 10ml or 20ml bottles, a lot of suppliers supply different e-liquids in 100ml bottle and are far cheaper per ml than the 10ml bottles. I personally use the following:

  • UnionVape (£16.99 / 100ml) – Skittles is the only flavour I like from them, the rest are hit and miss
  • Hodges Homebrew (£25 / 100ml) – My personal favourite E-Liquid supplier, Blue Slush and Fools Gold are amazing.

I have also found that buying UK-based E-Liquids are a much cheaper alternative to buying US made E-Liquids, I trust the UK brands more too as a lot of US made E-Liquids have been shown to contain high amounts of Diacetyl which can cause cancer (popcorn lung etc).

Keep An Eye Out For Specials

Lots of E-Liquid vendors hold specials all the time so it is a good idea to join mailing lists etc to be kept up to date on any specials that are running, the companies that have the most specials from my experience are:

Make Your Own E-Liquid

With the cost of liquid going through the roof when doing the transition to Sub Ohm vaping I thought why the hell not. It can’t be that hard right? Should be fun to do while still saving cash?

Let me just say, making your own e-liquid is not as fun as it sounds. The flavour mixing is quite technical if you want anything beyond the standard base flavours etc, there are steeping times to wait for the flavours to mix in to create the desired taste. For me, it just became more effort than it is worth. I still have my box full of flavours, VG and PG just sitting there gathering dust.

If you want to give it a go here are some good DIY vape e-liquid kit suppliers:

Making your own e-liquid can be good if you have the patience to wait for the fruits of your labour, I would just say it is not for everyone (including me).


So there you have it, these are my tips for bringing vaping costs down as much as possible while still enjoying the amazing flavours that are on offer. If you can think of anything else that can help bring costs down I would love to hear it.

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