Smok TFV4 Review - Serious Cloud, Taste Only at High Output
Thursday , 19 April 2018
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Smok TFV4 Review – Serious Cloud, Taste Only at High Output

The Smok TFV4 offers a revolution in how people approach vaping.  This is fantastic news as now 1 in 10 people vape.  Seen as being far better for you than traditional cigarettes and easier to take with you, vaping has taken the UK by storm.  Expanding into a sizable industry in less than a decade, new technology and ideas have led to the increase in popularity for vaping. It’s hard to keep up in all fairness.

Utilizing sub-ohm coils to improve vapor production and lead to better flavor (comparative with the TFV4), the sub-ohm tanks are all the rage right now in the vaping community.  It is easy to see why.  With an overall experience that some say is far and above the best they have ever had, a sub-ohm tank can change how you approach vaping forever.  The challenge for you is finding a sub-ohm tank that is worth getting.  That is where we come in.

Below we go into extensive detail reviewing the Smok TFV4.  Seen as a massive improvement and perhaps the best vape released by Smok (correction, the Smok TFV8 Tank trumps the TFV4), we will make the case for why you should consider the Smok TFV4 over the competition.  Let’s begin.

The Smok TFV4

The Smok TFV4 is a sub-ohm tank that is perfect for those chasing top quality experience and customization among vape products.  Uniquely modified to be as versatile as possible, the Smok TFV4 is capable of running four different coil heads.  With a stainless steel base, the Smok TFV4 is designed to last even through frequent use and travel.  It incorporates four large air slots in the base to for adjustable air intake.  The Smok TFV4 is made even stronger through reinforced  high-grade Pyrex glass.  A top-fill method prevents leaks and keeps your experience clean and straightforward.  In total, the Smok TFV4 can hold up to 5mL of your favorite liquid and can provide a maximum heat dispersion to ensure a clear, clean taste every time.  Widely considered the ultimate vaping experience by enthusiasts, it is hard to find a sub-ohm tank that offers more for less cost.


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The Smok TFV4 Package Includes:

  • The SMOK TFV4 tank with pre-installed 0.2-ohm TF-T3 tri-coil
  • The TF-Q4 0.15-ohm quad coil
  • The TF-R1 single coil RBA deck
  • The Spare Pyrex tank section
  • The Spare black silicon seal
  • The Spare white silicon seal
  • The Type C sealing pad
  • Two drip tip sealing rings
  • One airflow sealing ring
  • A number of smaller accessories and parts including the Japanese cotton wick

Additional Features of the Smok TFV4

The Smok TFV4 uses patented triple and quadruple coil designs that are seen nowhere else.  The sub-ohm tank is 24.5mm wide, and 70mm high.  The 510 threaded connection and stainless steel construction provide a versatile and stable vape.  A drip tip system combined with adjustable air flow design and interchangeable coil heads leads to a level of top-tier customization seen nowhere else.  Be aware that the tank is a sub-ohm resistance atomizer.  Use proper precautions when handling for a superior experience every time.

If nothing else, the Smok TFV4 looks like a professional piece of well-designed hardware.  Offered in silver or black, movable sections and releases are easy enough to find.  With an appearance that works anywhere, the Smok TFV4 will only stand out in its superior vaping experience.

Coils  That Can Be Used By The Smok TFV4

The Easy-To-Use Coil Heads For RBA Purposes, Single Coil + Double Coil

If you enjoy rebuilding your own coils, then the single and double coils provided are for you.  Perfect for RBA purposes, they are surprisingly easy to use.  Be aware that placing coils too high can short out the chimney and some care should be given to align everything correctly.  Also priming the coil can go a long way to improving the vaping experience.


*  Triple Coil

Also known as the tri-coil, the triple coil heads are uniquely arranged vertically.  With their own coil components installed, you can get around 30-120 watts with these coils.  The coil head holds up well to all temperatures, providing a unique experience that is hard to replicate.


*  Quadruple Coil

Offering a range from 40 Watts to an unprecedented 140 Watts, the quad-coil allows for a quite hot experience that is fantastic for cloud but less so for flavor.  Be aware that it goes through e-juice like it is no one’s business.  That being said, you get a coil head that is unique and the very best for those who enjoy high heat.

*More Coils On The Way

Adding to their popular line for the Smok TFV4, Smok has announced that they will be releasing the following additional coils that are compatible.  The coils include the High Resistance Hard Core coils, the Cool Air Core coils, the TF-S6 Sixfold Core coils, the TF-R1-V Vertical RBA Core coils, and the TF-TI Titanium Core coils.

Performance Test

So we took this bad boy through its paces. It is a beast for cloud production, the cloud is massive and beats any tank I have tried by far. I would say lacking in flavour all round.

So, using the RX200 mod from Wismec (up to 200 w) and the triple coil. These were our results:

50W – Nothing major, tiny bit of  vapor.
70W – Flavour not really coming through, clouds are starting to show their sexy heads.
90W – Clouds are really coming through now, quite impressive actually. Flavour still lacking a bit.
100W – Warm clouds… Massive warm clouds… Slight flavour but still nothing prominent.
110W – Starting to get warmer and the flavour finally coming through nicely.
120W – Ok, getting quite hot now. The taste is getting really good but I can’t take deep breaths… Too much heat and too much cloud (not sure if this is good or bad)
130W – Slightly more heat than 120w but the taste is really coming through, can you imagine how much liquid you would burn through at this rate.
140W – Not once throughout this process have I got one burn hit which is very impressive, I could only have two hits as the heat is quite high and my lungs are starting to give out. The taste gets better the higher output.

Unfortunately, I had to stop after 140w. The tank was getting quite hot and my lungs were getting tired of the abuse.

User Experiences (Other than me)

People who’ve purchased the Smok TFV4 report a superior vaping experience and, for the most part would recommend the Smok TFV4 to those who want the sub-ohm vaping experience.  With absolutely massive vapor production, it is easy to see why the cloud chasers are the most vocal crowd in support of this vape.  With the best performing Smok tanks to date, the Smok TFV4 is a gold standard for the company and has illustrated just what it can do.  Individuals also enjoyed the massive airflow and the ability to use the RBA deck to build their own coils.

Some minor issues included people reporting that the tri-coil only lasted a few weeks (acceptable in my books).  In addition, some have reported that the tank itself can get very hot when the Wattage is above 60 (duh).  Finally, you should know going in that the Smok TFV4 is very thirsty and will go through your e-juice quickly (double duh).

The truth is, there is no perfect vape and even one as highly rated as the Smok TFV4 will have some downsides.  That being said, it is still among the very best in the industry.  It can provide a range of vaping experiences that will answer the needs of the majority of those looking for a new vape.


So is it worth it? Well, that depends really, if you are a hardcore vaper then yes it’s worth it. You can really produce some serious friggen clouds with this tank. For the casual vaper however, maybe not the best choice. This tank is really versatile and awesomely made, you can’t go wrong.

Where to Buy

So, the cheapest place I have found the TVF4 is Amazon. With the TVF8 being released you can get it at a real bargain:

Buy from Amazon

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