Innokin cool fire 4 review: Best Innokin cool fire 4 Starter Kit
Thursday , 19 April 2018
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Innokin Cool Fire 4 Review – Best Starter Kit

So this beauty was my first real mod, I figured if I was going to give this e-cig palaver a good go I would have to invest a bit. I went out and bought the Innokin Cool Fire IV mod with a Kangertech Nano tank bundle (was approx £50 which was very reasonable with a tank included, can get them bundled for about £43). I must say I was quite intimidated by it when it first arrived, there was this new tech of which I knew nothing about or how to use. So what did I do? Asked Google of course (standard). After playing around with it a bit I figured out the bits and pieces and how to prime the coil etc, my wonderful adventure into vaping had begun…

At a Glance

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Worth it?


The Cool Fire 4 is sure to be one of the best mods in its resistance range:

  • Price: £27
  • Watts: 40W
  • Battery: 2000 mAh
  • Resistance: 0.3Ohm
  • Volts: 7.5V

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This is my first review so may be a bit rough around the edges…

There is not much bad to say about this beauty so let’s get started shall we.

Innokin Cool Fire 4 – Innokin’s greatest addition to their range


I would have to say that the Innokin Cool Fire IV is the best mod to start vaping with, I count myself lucky to have started with this device. Innokin is well known in the vaping world for producing cutting-edge devices that are top notch builds. They haven’t held back with the Cool Fire 4 either.

Packaging and Presentation:

I really like the small and minimal perspex case it comes in, the box contains:

  • The device – Cool Fire 4 (duh)
  • EGO Adapter –  Makes 510 devices compatible with ego threaded devices (I have yet to need it myself)
  • Micro USB Charger
  • Small User Manual





Build Quality and feel of the Cool Fire IV

cool-fire-4-3The second I took it out of the case I knew I had a winner, Innokins build quality are second to none. The device fitted so nicely in my hand and felt really comfortable to hold, the weight is just right too. With 6 colours to choose from, there is a colour to suit anyone really. For myself, I went with the black option. I kind of regret going the safe route now as the other colours are great.

The main body is made from stainless steel with an outer cover which has a grainy, wood (but not) effect. Although it sounds strange it actually works very well for the overall design.

The shape of the Cool Fire 4 is ergonomically designed so it fits real snug in my hand, very comfortable. The bigger side of the device is designed to fit a 22mm tank, all the tanks I have tried on it fit so snug it almost makes the tank and mod look like one piece. So far it is a winner…

The LED plus / minus and fire buttons are all on the thinner side of the mod which has become pretty standard nowadays for most devices. Underneath the Innokin Cool Fire 4 base is an on / off switch which is nicely hidden away so doesn’t interfere with the look at all, it is also handy as most other devices require you to click the trigger 5 times to turn it on or off and becomes a slight irritation. Charging is quicker while the device is off too. One thing I really liked about the micro USB port is how well the outer casing fits around the port, on most devices the USB port looks out of place on the mod.

That brings me to one slight negative, due to the fact that you can’t swap out the battery some heavy vapors may find it a bit irritating at high wattage. For myself this wasn’t too much of an issue, at first, I would vape all day then charge overnight. However, the more I got into vaping the more I realised how a swappable battery can be a major plus.

All things considered, this is one of the best designed and quality built mods I have come across. It just works!

Where to buy:

Here is a link for the cheapest price on Amazon for just the mod itself:

Cool Fire 4 Bundle – Click here to go to Amazon

So I found this Amazon with the iSub G tank as a bundle for £43.39 which I think is a bargain:

Cool Fire 4 Bundle – Click here to go to Amazon Cool Fire 4 + iSub Tank Kit £51.99

To do a search across all suppliers:

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Nuts & Bolts (How does the Cool Fire 4 perform?)

So I am very happy with the build quality and design, all that is left was to test how this bad boy performs. Innokin put quite a lot of functionality into this device, let’s have a look at the official specs:

  • 2000 mAH Lithium-Ion Battery (built in, lasts most of the day depending on resistance)
  • 6W to 40W adjustable in 0.5W increments
  • 3V to 7.5V adjustable in 0.1V increments
  • Output Current 12A
  • Max output current of 14.5A
  • Vape while charging (pass through), came in handy while driving as I could have it on charge in my car and vape away.
  • 15 sec vape cut off (I’ve never been able to get to 15 seconds while vaping)
  • Overheating protection
  • Over-discharging protection
  • 510 Spring loaded pin

Innokin has done a really good job with the Cool Fire 4, I can normally get about 2 days vaping out of each battery charge which is better than most. I don’t really go above 20W however so the battery would drain a lot quicker at higher resistance naturally.

The Cool Fire 4 has quite a few functions built in which allow for a lot of control over the device, the OLED screen is small but actually give you loads of information:

  • Shows the Atomiser (coil) resistance
  • Voltage output or Wattage output
  • Battery level

Button functions:

  • Stating the obvious here, the main button fires the device
  • + and – individually allow you to adjust the resistance (watts or volts depending on setting)
  • To change from Watts to Voltage you either press the Power button  and + (Watts) or – (Volts)
  • Hold both + and – together shows the number of puffs made and if you hold them for 3 seconds the screen will flip

Adjusting the resistance is super easy as with everything on this thing, getting from its lowest resistance to its highest resistance is quick and when you hit say 40 w it will do a loop to the lowest setting.

I think the Cool Fire 4 is the perfect upgrade (from say cig-a-likes) into real vaping (hope this doesn’t offend anyone). Newer users should start at low resistance and work their way up to their sweet spot.

For the vape test I used the Kangertech Nano that came with the device bundle, the two work well together (any 22mm tanks will work well with it). With a 0.5 ohm coil I found the 18W – 22W to work best for flavour and vape, I found at higher resistance I was getting the burning taste (should be avoided for health reasons). The juice I used was * Suicide Bunny’s Mother’s Milk (70 / 30).

For more experienced vapers the 40W cap may be a bit low for extreme sub ohms (0.2 ohm coils), but for 90% of us, it is more than enough to deliver a great vaping experience.

Final Thoughts

I am so happy that my entry into the vaping world was with Innokin’s Cool Fire 4, it is a super device that really delivers on looks, design and performance. I have tried many mods since the Cool Fire 4 and I always seem to go back to it every now and then just to enjoy it again and again. I really doubt I will review a device like this again (Maybe the Cool Fire 4 Plus), I highly recommend this to everyone who wants to start on the right foot in the vaping scene. Price wise, it comes in at around £28 so it is a winner all around. With a bundled tank you are looking at around £50 depending on which tank you go for.

Rounding things up:


  • Design is top class, will be hard to beat for a while
  • Simple to use and figure out
  • For Sub Ohmers you can go as low as 0.3ohm coils
  • Well thought out OLED screen
  • Vape while charging (pass through)
  • Good battery life (2000 mAh)
  • So comfortable in hand
  • Size is perfect, easy to take out with you

Cons (I had to think hard about this):

  • After a few months of use there was a slight rattle on the + and – buttons, and when I say slight I had to really go anal on listening for it.
  • It is a gateway device, it is downhill from here I am afraid. Welcome to the downward spiral of the vaping world. Prepare to be judged and not give a shit.

Where to buy (One More Time):

Cheapest price on Amazon for just the mod itself:

Cool Fire 4 Bundle – Click here to go to Amazon

Amazon with the iSub G tank as a bundle for £43.39 which I think is a bargain:

Cool Fire 4 Bundle – Click here to go to Amazon Cool Fire 4 + iSub Tank Kit £51.99

Across all suppliers:

Compare Different Prices

Best Tanks for the Innokin Coole Fire 4?

Any 22mm tank will work well with the Cool Fire 4, I really like the Kangertech Nano Hybrid @ £18.86 but after a while the capacity may become a bit small. I will give 3 options by price and function:

Kanger Subtank NANO Hybrid

I would recommend this tanke as the best bet for the Cool Fire 4, the price is right and the coils are great too. For a starter kit this is a fantastic tank.

UK Readers:
Price: £17.99
US Readers:
Price: $xx
Uwell Crown

Uwell Crown Sub tank

This is just the best taste and vape producing tank there is, it may not be the best choice for casual vapers as the vape output is quite intrusive. The tank itself is extremely well made and its the best top filler I have seen. I would however, recommend the Innokin Cool Fire 4 Plus (£39.99) more with this tank as you would have to max out your Cool Fire 4 at 40w to get the taste and cloud (killing the battery life at the same time), I run the Cool Fire 4 plus at 55w for the day with no issues and the vaping experience is tops.

UK Readers:
Price: £19.99
US Readers:
Price: $28.95

Kanger Subtank PLUS V2 Hybrid

Kangertech are always a great bet, and these tanks look very good on the Innokin Cool Fire 4 Mod. It is one of their newer additions so you can be guaranteed a great performing tank.  It is a little pricey at £25.99 (more expensive elsewhere) but well worth it.

UK Readers:
Price: £25.99
US Readers:
Price: $xx


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  1. has this been tested with the crown tank,cyrrently have isub and was looking to change to the uwell

    • Hi Nigel

      Yeah I have tested it myself and it will work but you will have to max out to 40w and your battery will suffer as a result. I am running the Uwell Crown on the Cool Fire 4 plus at 55w and its spot on. Battery lasts the day (I suck on it like a baby on a bottle)…

      I’d highly suggest investing in the plus mate, it’s a killer mod and sexy as hell. Worthy upgrade.

      I will be doing full reviews on both soon 🙂

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