Best Vape Pen Reviews UK 2016 – Top Vape Pen Comprehensive Guide
Thursday , 19 April 2018
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Best Vape Pen Reviews

Best Vape Pen Reviews UK 2016 – Comprehensive Guide

Plenty of people have taken up the vaping trend. It’s a much better alternative to smoking cigarettes, but still provides the same feeling you get when you smoke. The problem isn’t usually that people don’t want to vape. It’s that they aren’t sure how to get started. There are tons of vape pens on the market that you can choose from. With a little information on some of the best options, you’ll have an easier time finding the right one for you that will kickstart your new vaping obsession.

Best Vape Pen Reviews

There are a number of vape pens that offer cool features for you to choose from.

Top 5 at a glance:

Innokin Endura T18 Vape Pen20.995 Star Ratingview
Jac Vapour Series E29.994.5 Star Ratingview
Apollo Endeavor48.954.5 Star Ratingview
Kanger EVOD24.424.5 Star Ratingview
The Halo Ultra Tank Kit21.994 Star Ratingview
V2Cigs Shisha Pen UK Express Hit20.994.5 Star Ratingview
Rok Legend19.993 Star Ratingview
EPuffer Phantom HD334.954 Star Ratingview
TrueSmoke EVOD Kit34.953.5 Star Ratingview
Future Shisha Kamry X9 Mini20.003.5 Star Ratingview
Kanger Subvod20.994 Star Ratingview
V2 Pro Series 359.994.5 Star Ratingview
V2 Slimline Mini-Tank Vape36.955 Star Ratingview

Innokin Endura T18 Vape Pen

The T18 vape pen by Innokin Endura has gotten some great reviews. Men aren’t the only ones who vape. Women do too. With this vape pen, it’s easier for any gender to get started. The typical black and silver vapes are offered, but this collection also features pink and blue vapes that are more gender specific.

Each kit comes with a micro-USB cable that lets you charge the vape easily. There is also a vape stand so you don’t have to set it down on its side. The pen comes with a 1000 mAh battery that offers extended life, and it pumps out 14 watts of power. The included coils are made with organic cotton, so they are safer to use. There is even a built-in overheat option that keeps this vaporizer safe. The Endura T18 has a top fill tank that makes it easy to fill. It holds up to 2.5ml of liquid. It’s hard to see a downside with this vape pen.

Amazon £20.99


series-e in hand

Jac Vapour Series E

Jac Vapour is a popular name in the e-cig world. They already make some incredible styles but are now trying to top themselves with their Series E product. This vape pen is a little bit bigger in size than many other styles. It is the same length but offers a thicker shape. It also contains a 1000 mAh battery. If you want, you can order an extra battery during your initial purchase. This is usually a good choice since your battery will need to be charged. It keeps you vaping while your original battery is getting its power charged back up.

The Series E-pen allows you to change the voltage settings. This can save battery life and help you find the right hit. The voltage may be set to either 3.7 volts, 4.2 volts, or 4.8 volts. You will know what setting it’s changed to when looking at the color appearing around the button. It ranges from red to green, to white. The tank is also made unique, providing a different airflow method with its aero tank style.

Jac Vapour – £29.99

Apollo Endeavor

Apollo Endeavor

The Apollo brand got its start in the United States, but it now offers sales through the U.K. You can get the entire Endeavor kit that comes with everything you need to get started. The kit includes the vape pen, two batteries worth 900 mAh, a wall charger, separate USB charger, and two starter bottles of liquid. You get to choose your liquid flavor and also select the level of nicotine. It ranges from zero to 24mg. There are also two clearomizers provided.

The kit may come with two batteries, but you actually only need one at a time. This lets you charge up the extra while the current one is in use. You can use the pen frequently and still get about a 1 and a half day use out of it without needing a charge. The clearomizers that come with this kit give you a good flavor. You can choose from several battery colors, including black, blue, red, and stainless steel.

Apollo £48.95

Kanger EVOD

The Kanger EVOD offers two selections. The first is average while the other is a more powerful design known as the Mega. Both choices work well. These pens come in a variety of colors that you don’t typically see on a vaporizer. The brand does offer a typical steel design, but it also has a wine red option, along with creamy yellow or black, depending on where you buy it from.

Two batteries come with this vape pen, each offering 650 mAh of energy. There are also two evod clearomizers and multiple atomizer heads. The heating coils offer 2.2 ohms.The included clearomizers make sure this pen gives off plenty of vapor and has an enhanced flavor. There is also an LED on/off switch that makes the pen easy to control. The tank can hold 1.6ml of liquid and will last you around 500 puffs before you have to replace the coil.

Amazon £24.42


Halo Ultra

The Halo Ultra Tank Kit

The Tank Kit offered by Halo has replaced their previous vape pens. It is a more advanced solution that includes everything you could need to start vaping. The battery has 1100 mAh of long-lasting energy. This means you will have complete use of your vaporizer for a full day or longer before a charge is needed. The Halo offers a smooth hit that isn’t too harsh for first-time vapers.

The halo ultra tank kit comes with an Aspire clearomizer and a USB charger. There is also liquid included as a bonus. You can choose your flavor and the percentage of nicotine you need from their selection of choices. The user manual shows you how to fill the tank with the liquid and get a smooth hit each time. You can choose your battery color, with options of purple, stainless steel, blue and black.

E-Cig Direct £21.99

V2Cigs Shisha Pen UK Express Hit

V2Cigs Shisha Pen UK Express Hit

The Shisha Pen from V2Cigs comes in an assortment of colors. The common black and silver are available, but so are white, pink, and blue. It ensures anyone can vape in a color they want. You can also select your battery length, with short, medium and long options available. You can even choose whether you want an automatic or manual battery, although most people go with the automatic option.

The complete kit comes with a wall adapter, smart charger, rechargeable battery, and tank. You even receive a 25ml bottle of liquid. You can choose your flavor and even select what nicotine strength you need, ranging from zero to 2.4 percent. Additional flavors and sampler packs are available from V2Cigs.

V2Cigs  £20.99


Rok Legend

Rok Legend offers an e-cigarette unlike any other. The design was chosen to provide a stylish look while the lid is meant to keep dirt out of the mouthpiece. This is a great addition since the mouthpieces on vaporizers do tend to get rather dirty. The pen also possesses a power level indicator and has a liquid level indicator. These features help you keep track of your vaping habits and ensure you’re using the device safely.

This vape pen has a robust tank that is not your average style. It adds to the power and functionality. It has a 2.4ml capacity. With a battery protection system in place, you can easier monitor when your vaporizer is on or off. This keeps you protected while the pen is in your pocket. The battery uses 900 mAh for use throughout the entire day.


EPuffer Phantom HD3

EPuffer Phantom HD3

EPuffer has created the Phantom HD3, a vaporizer that works with multiple vaping options. Liquids, vapor juices, and herbal extracts may all be used in the Phantom. The heating element uses a coil that can be replaced as often as needed. This will keep the vaporizer going and ensure a smooth hit and abundance of flavor.

The battery is made from lithium and has 1100 mAh of power. The included USB charger allows you to recharge the battery whenever needed. EPuffer designed a liquamizer technology that is used in this Phantom model. This technology gives you a bigger cloud of vapor with a smoother hit.

EPuffer £34.95


TrueSmoke EVOD Kit

The EVOD Kit from TrueSmoke is similar to many others. It comes with the battery, tank, charger, and liquid. TrueSmoke offers a big selection of liquids, more than many companies currently out there. This ensures each person can find a flavor they enjoy. The kit comes with six different color choices as well.

The only downside to this kit is that it is not well known. There has not been much buzz about it online, with so many other products on the market to talk about. With the affordable price and wide selection of items, though, this vape pen is a solid option for beginners.


Kamry X9 Mini

Future Shisha Kamry X9 Mini

The Kamry X9 Mini comes in several fun colors. Purple, orange, red, blue, black, green and silver are all offered. The name says this pen is a mini because of its smaller size, but it is still considered a full-size vaping device. This makes it easy to hold and use if you are just starting out.

This device comes in a full just as many of the other option. It has everything you need to get started, ranging from the battery to the tank, the charger, and even the juice.

Click Here £20.00

Kanger Subvod

Kanger Subvod

The EVOD by Kanger mentioned previously is a whole different option than the Subvod. The Kanger Subvod is an advanced option that provides two separate methods for filling the tank. You can choose to purchase the conventional top-filling tank, or decide to go with the tank that fills from the bottom. There is also an option for the fill capacity. One tank size holds only 1.9ml of fluid while the other holds up to 3.2ml.

No matter which tank you choose, it comes with a coil head that is made from stainless steel. It works as a sub ohm coil that should only be used with this battery. There is also a spare glass section included for the tank.

Amazon £20.99

V2 Pro Series 3

V2 Pro Series 3

The Pro Series offered by V2 is one of the most innovative designs available in the U.K. It not only works as a vaporizer but actually detects which type of product you are vaping to give you optimal results. It can use three different cartridges for different mediums. The device detects which kind you are using and automatically adjusts itself to the best settings. The right temperature is key for advanced vaping results, depending on whether you have tobacco, e-liquid, or dry herbs inside.

You have to worry about leaks with many vape pen options. That isn’t the case with the V2 Pro Series 3. There are no seals or coils to replace, meaning leaking isn’t something to worry about. There is also nothing to screw together. The vaporizer uses magnetic technology instead. Even the USB cable has a magneto-lock. The battery gives of 650 mAh for long-lasting vaping throughout the day.

V2 Cigs £59.99

V2Cigs Shisha Pen UK Express Kit

V2 Slimline Mini-Tank Vape & Shisha Pen by Vapour2

Thanks to the mini-tank, this vape pen has a lightweight design that many new users can enjoy. It is smaller in size, reminding people of the feel of the cigarettes that so many used to smoke. The smaller size makes it easy to carry this vape around. The size doesn’t limit the impact, however, as this vape offers 4.2 volts of power. The small tank is still capable of holding 1 full milliliter of juice. It should provide the equivalent of nearly 20 cigarettes.

The smallest size doesn’t have to be chosen. There are actually multiple lengths you can choose from with this design. You can also select your color, ranging from pink to blue to white, and even black. E-liquid is not the only thing you can vape in this device either. With the right cartridge put in, you can also use wax.

V2 Cigs £36.95

If you’re ready to hop on the vaping train, now is the time to do it. There are so many advanced options on the market now that people didn’t have when vaping first started. With longer lasting batteries and setting options, vaping has been brought to a whole new level.

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