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Thursday , 19 April 2018
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Best Sub-OHM Vape Tank Reviews 2016

What tank and why? The best Sub-OHM vape tanks of 2016

It seems these days everyone is moving into the world of vaping. Who could turn down a healthy way to enjoy nicotine in every flavour under the sun?

But here’s the kicker:

Poor products can be both frustrating and dangerous. You don’t want a glass tank that shatters when you put it down or a vapouriser with weak internals that barely works.

So what’s on top? Let’s take a look at our favourite five so far.

At a glance:

Uwell Crown
  • Top and Bottom Filling
  • 4ml Capacity
  • Extreme Cloud & Taste
5 Star Rating
Kangertech Subtank mini
  • Solid Design
  • 4.5ml tank
  • Top Filling
4.6 Star Rating
Eleaf Melo 3 Sub-Ohm Tank
  • 4.5 ml capacity
  • Top Filling
  • Smooth Vape
4.5 Star Rating
  • Extreme Cloud
  • Can push the wattage
  • Rebuildable
4.3 Star Rating
innokin isub apex tank
  • Dual Adjustable Airflow
  • PRISM Flavour + Boost
  • Affordable
4.3 Star Rating

innokin isub apex tank

#5 – Innokin iSub Apex Tank

Another fantastic looking piece by one of the top dogs in the game. Innokin has done a tremendous job here, and it shows.

One of the best benefits of this piece is how simple it is to get working. Swapping coils and refilling is as easy as one two three.

Coming in with dual adjustable airflows and the fantastic PRISM flavour+boost to get the most flavour out of your chosen e liquid you just can’t go wrong. If you’re serious about your convenience and still want a great draw from your device this offering needs to be on your short-list.

Amazon – £15.49




#4 – SMOK TFV4


This is a beast of a tank! This tank comes in with a blistering array of coil options. Did someone say a sextuple coil? That’s right. The power this tank can kick out does mean it can go through its charge quite quickly but on the flip-side, it performs incredibly well and is a very powerful piece of kit.

You’re also looking at being able to choose between stainless steel, Kanthal or nickel coils for the best fit for you.

SMOK did a great job of combining a lot of customization options and some serious power – priorities we know from experience are top of the list across the vape nation.

UK eCig Store – £28.99


Eleaf Melo 3 Sub-Ohm Tank

#3 – Eleaf Melo 3 Sub-Ohm Tank

Killer tank, this one.

You’re looking at 4.5ml of juice in a single load. Coming in at a very competitive price point that’s some serious convenience that more frequent vapers will definitely appreciate. You can’t beat the stress free vaping and the knowledge that you don’t have to fuss around with a tank and your juice all the time!

We dig the Milo also for the way you fill it. With a top-side gap to put your juice through you completely sidestep the problem of leaks while you top up your tank. It’s a novel concept, and it works fantastically.

You’re definitely needing the Melo if you’re about that no fuss vaping. It’s the long-lasting big size tank combined with a smooth pull coming from the Atlantis coils made by Aspire that really sets this one apart from the rest in 2016.


Kangertech Subtank mini

#2 – Kanger Subtank Mini

Let’s shake it up a little with our number two pick:

A mini tank that still holds its own. This awesome little number comes in with an optional RBA deck – you’ll need that if you want to go down the route of rebuilding the actual coils located in the device.

Still managing 4.5ml, this thing is great to look at and gives a drop of style to your experience.

More little smiles: the selector ring on this tank is a joy in its own quiet way. The audible click as you slide the ring around has a fantastic, satisfying feel to it and just oozes a bit of quality and close attention to the small things in life.

A really refined overall experience for the Kanger offering here. It just feels good.

UK eCig Store – £26.99


Uwell Crown

#1 Uwell Crown Sub-Ohm Tank

Hardly surprising. People are raving worldwide about this thing, and you’re lucky if you got your hands on one.

But we’ve had some serious contenders on this list. Let’s go in here with a full breakdown of why Uwell is the top dog for the year so far (and 2015 easily).

This tank was so successful at it’s launch that the stock ran out! There’s good reasons here. The other tanks we’ve gone over so far are all fantastic in most areas, but Uwell didn’t miss a single thing out in crafting this beauty – and it shows.

Coming in with a top and bottom refill system and pre-installed stainless steel coils, you’re talking practicality and quality right away. This one has a 4ml tank – with the flavour you get from this piece that is more than enough.

Uwell went with quartz glass and straight stainless steel on the outer construction. This thing looks as good as it works and that cool metal in your hands is a great feeling. We’ve even tested how it fares when dropped and from hand height and off a table this solid tank didn’t even have a scratch or chip.

The retail package for this is top notch:

  • Replacement rings, replacement tank section
  • Full instruction manual laid out particularly well and a great presentation in the box.

We also want to point out a really cool feature that’s a big deal: the wide bore drip top. You’ll get some serious clouds out of this one.

Uwell also went for a serious sized airflow for this one, and that means one thing – it’s designed for high power usage. Weak performance is not even a concept when you’re rocking this one.

With the tank offering up 80w the flavour provided is just off the charts. We’ve used tanks before where the flavour is good and the draw is weak – poor result. No such issues here. You’ve got incredible clouds coming together with unmatched flavour.

All those together are the reason we’re crowning Uwell with the top slot on this one. If you’re serious about every aspect of your vaping experience from cleaning to clouds, you can’t do better than this tank.

UK eCig Store – £19.99 * Unbeatable*


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