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Thursday , 19 April 2018
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Aspire Triton Tank Review – Spitting Juice is Main Feature

So you can imagine my excitement when my new Aspire Triton Tank and Aspire Pegasus Mod (review to come) arrived, I was super excited to fire them up. Before I get ahead of myself let me break it down  fully so I can be fair and impartial.

Now Aspire is a very well known brand and I had been wanting to try the them for a while, most of the reviews were positive (I am now thinking they were incentified).

At a Glance

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Worth it?

Worth It?

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Let’s start off with the packaging:

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Aspire Triton Tank – Front



Aspire Triton Tank – Back


Aspire Triton Tank – Side


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So far so good (well at least I thought), the box is nice and small with a crisp look to it. The case is a perspex with cardboard encasing that holds the tank. You get a good feeling with an authentication verification code to scratch and make sure it’s legit , overall not a bad presentation but I have most definitely seen better.

It did take me a fair few minutes to find the spare coil, which, by the way, is under the back of the case that holds the tank.


Aspire Triton Package Contents

  • Aspire Triton tank
  • Spare 1.8ohm Coil
  • Pre-fitted with 0.4ohm coil

Now with it’s “Features”

  • It is top filling (My main reason for buying it in the first place)
  • 3.5ml Capacity (Bit small but fairly standard)
  • Japanese Cotton in Coils (Wait for it)
  • 22.5mm Diameter (Standard)
  • Pyrex Tank (Standard)
  • Stainless steel made
  • Wattage range is from 0.3ohm (50 – 65W, 0.4ogm (25 – 30W), 1.8ohm (10-15W) * (Please read my section on the vape
  • 510 drip tip

Build Quality, Look and Feel

The Good

Off the bat, the Triton is a sexy looking tank. It is crisply designed and well engineered right down to the finest detail. Initially, it gave me a really good feeling like I was about to have my vape experience taken to the next level.

I am used to a tank being able to be dissembled, but with this one it’s a single unit (the main body), my first thought was “How the hell do you clean this thing?”. Moving on, there are two airflow controls which also sounded great on the leaflet. One is at the top under the drip tip and the main airflow unit is at the bottom of the tank which is standard for most if not all tanks. One thing I will give Aspire is their build quality, everything moves so smooth and with a snug fit, I caught myself just turning things over and over again.

I would have to say it is one of the better designed tanks in terms of looks and presentation that I have come across.

The drip tip fits on top of the top airflow mechanism, this is great for changing drip tips, every drip tip I tried fitted perfectly. The top section also comes with a heat sink which helps to keep the heat levels down (and works quite well).



The capacity is a little small at 3.5ml but there are a lot of tanks in this range so it is something you can live with.

A lot of people say the tank is easy to use, and after getting used to it I suppose in a small way it is. I just found it required way too many steps to fill the tank with juice, it should be quick and simple. Heaven forbid you forget to turn the top back to “vape” mode (explained below) or 3 vapes later you will be getting a mouth full of formaldehyde (that burn taste when your coil has gone or you have run out of liquid).

Coil replacement is easier than most as there is no separate tank to keep your eyes on, unscrew your coils and replace with new one (this will be happening a lot). Make sure (if you actually buy it) to prime your coils like most Sub Ohm tanks (6 – 7 minutes).


Vaping Experience

The Bad

The first time I tried to fill the tank with e-liquid, not being an instruction reader kind of person, it took me the better part of 5 minutes just to figure out how to put the friggin liquid in the tank. It wasn’t until I saw this tiny picture on the top rim with two drop shapes on either side and two little faces with vape (Vape Mode) coming out on the opposite sides (couldn’t make out what it was at first). I finally gave in and decided to read the destructions, quickly, I realised I had to turn the top around to the drop position which opened up two holes where you could pour your juice into. Pouring liquid into the tank is a mess and requires precision aim or you get real sticky real quick.

Here are the open / close small images I was talking about:


Trying to decide where to start first with this section, let’s start with how the Aspire Triton Tank vapes. To be as objective as I can… Using the  0.4 Ohm coil, I could hardly get any taste at all no matter what wattage I used.

The recommended resistance for the 0.4ohm coil is between 25 – 30W, at first, the cloud was decent but there was no taste to speak of (I tested it with Vulture Punch by Button Junkie which, in my opinion, is one of the best tasting liquids I have ever tried). So I upped the wattage to 40W, things started looking slightly better… I was able to finally get some taste through…. along with at least half the tank’s liquid in my mouth (and most liquids do not taste as good as they vape). Now this did not seem right to me so I checked everything, I increased the wattage, I decreased the wattage and nothing seemed to help. I tried pulling softly, hard, you name it I tried it. Eventually, the spitting became just too much for me… This vaping upgrade was quickly turning into a ridiculous downgrade.

Being a fairly persistent guy, I thought I would do some research. Remembering why I bought the tank in the first place, I grabbed one of my cCell Ceramic coils from Target which are a game changer in terms of coils in my opinion. As this was a process of elimination, I changed the standard coil to the cCell and would you know it…. NO MORE SPITTING

P.S: For those of you who own the Triton Tank already I would suggest buying the cCell coils by Vaporesso to stop the spitting shyte (they are compatible), you can get them here:



So feeling like I have just discovered this absolute gem in figuring out how to make this great looking, well crafted, horrifically vaping tank a winner, the dream was short lived. I used the 0.5 Ohm cCell coils in the tank and whilst testing the wattage range. Anything over 22w was giving me burnt vapes (not good for your health). On a side note, these coils last ages, I burnt through my first coil in days.

Is It Worth It?

The Ugly

I think you may have gathered by now, that my opinion on the subject is far from positive. The Triton Tank has been hailed as one of the top tanks on the market, it is not cheap by any means and although it looks great and is extremely well designed. There are far too many shortcomings for it to be worth the investment unless you like having burnt vapes and replacing coils more often than you like. I would steer clear of this tank, period, regardless of vaping experience, it is NOT WORTH IT.

Final Thoughts

I feel like I am bashing the company but I am not, I just want to give my personal experience which I am sure a lot of people can attest to in terms of the vaping experience and spitting (I should maybe rephrase that to spraying).  So let’s get down to the pros and cons:

The Goodish

  • Great design
  • Great Look & Feel
  • Trying to think of something to get at least 3 things

The Bad (And Ugly)

  • Bitch to clean – Not rebuildable so not possible
  • Price tag is just too much for what you get
  • The Coils SUCK
  • Major issue with spitting while you vape
  • The Refill / Vape switch is too much and if you are anything like me, you will forget to swap it back to vape mode and inhale loads of dangerous stuffs
  • Small 3.5ml Capacity (this seems completely irrelevant now)
  • No significant taste to speak of, regardless of wattage

P.S: I am not going to be providing any links on where to purchase the Aspire Triton Tank as I won’t promote it if I do not believe it is a good buy, do a quick google search if you are still wanting to purchase it :-).

P.P.S: So I figured it probably be best to actually recommend a tank that actually works and delivers on all aspects (Still deciding which tanks to recommend):

  • Uwell Crown
  • Best tank ever 🙂
  • Taste and vape is best in the game
  • Price: £25.49 / $27.98
  • Advanced Tank
  • Full kit included
  • Price: £28.58 / $33.27
  • Kanger Subtank PLUS V2 Hybrid
  • 7ml Capacity (Huge)
  • Rebuildable coil introduced
  • Price: £25.99

I hope that you have found this review useful, as always if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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