Thursday , 19 April 2018
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Hi, and welcome to my site…

I am a self-confessed vapaholic, I think it is due to my OCD nature. When I find something new that I like I tend to go balls deep into it until I either become obsessed or lose interest completely. Considering I was a smoker for going on 15 years I find vaping to be a healthier (albeit controversial) alternative, I can’t believe I never started sooner to be honest (props to Ross for showing me the light, mad props). With all of the different flavours available, it is a no brainer really and beats smelling like smoke all the time.

I had used e-cigs (cig-a-likes) in the past, mainly when flying long haul and knowing I was not going to be able to smoke for a long time. Although they helped at the time I never really got much satisfaction out of them, I think that was mainly due to them not producing much vapour or hit so you didn’t get the feeling of actually smoking.

Fast forward a few years and switching to e-cigs had become more and more appealing, so eventually I thought I would invest in a cig-a-like set-up (). After seeing some reviews on Amazon it seemed like a good investment so I decided to give it a try, I had just got my new car so smoking in it was not an option :-). One road trip to Newcastle with the lads and let’s just say the e-cig did not perform as expected, I think it was mainly due to buying 18mg liquid from the corner shop. Nearly killed us…


I finally got introduced to a box mod (Coolfire IV 35w), let me say it was a game changer for me. I was introduced to this whole new and wonderful world of vaping, all the devices and flavours are an IT Geek’s wet dream.

Vaping rocks!
Vaping rocks!


So this is how I ended up creating this website, I found so much misinformation when trying to find honest reviews on new mods, tanks and e-liquids I thought I would give my 2 cents as honestly as possible. I will only ever review kit and e-juices that I have personally tried and tested. After spending a fortune on different setups I hope to educate and help people make better buying choices and to get the most out of their vaping experiences.

If there is a mod, tank or e-liquid you would like more information on please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I will go out and buy it to review :-).

You can contact me here!