Our Vaping World as we know it is coming to an END - TPD Comes into Effect
Thursday , 19 April 2018
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Our Vaping World as we know it is coming to an END – TPD Comes into Effect

Do you know about the TPD?

On May 20th 2016Article 20 of the Tobacco Products Directive comes into effect across the entire EU area.

This new law will change vaping in the UK as we know it. Do you know what it means for you?

Here’s what we know so far:

  • Maximum e-liquid bottle size – 10ml
  • Maximum nicotine strength – 20mg/ml (2%)
  • Maximum cartridge or tank size – 2ml
  • Leak-proof refilling mechanism
  • Consistent nicotine dose from devices
  • Product testing and notification

Maximum refill container (e-liquid bottle) size – 10ml

Whilst this is annoying it’s not the end of the world. Having a million 10 ml bottles will suck but we will get over it.

Maximum nicotine strength – 20mg/ml (2%)

Personally, this does not affect me and won’t affect most Sub-Ohm vapers. I vape at 3mg or 100% VG, if I were to cape at 20mg I would probaboly die…

Maximum cartridge or tank size – 2ml

Now this one really sucks… At the present, most tank producers are trying to make the tanks bigger while not taking up too much space. As a vaper it is not nice refilling my tank so often. For less experienced or less experimental vapers this may not be an issue, for advanced vapers it’s a little more complicated but it may force a period of rapid product redesign.

Leak-proof re-filling mechanism

I agree with this, far too much liquid leaks and pretty much gets everywhere most of the time. Drippers look nice and all but they are messy and do not agree with most tanks…

Consistent nicotine dose from devices

As anyone who vapes (or smokes/smoked) knows, this is clearly not based in reality. Vaping, as an alternative to smoking and not a quite aid, cannot be administered like a medicine, any more than a cigarette could, and this is what this part of the law is effectively saying. |t could (and should) be considered impossible and there will be further clarification on this to follow from the MRHA. We are aware of at least two big-name hardware manufacturers who are working on compliant devices, but as the required spec has still not been defined nothing is concrete.

Product testing and notification

All products to be sold beyond May 20th 2016 will require a product submission to the MHRA to be able to be sold in the EU. Safe vape for us so happy with this…

Don’t panic!(just yet…)

There is a period during which old stock can be sold from your favourite shop. This runs into 2017 but after the cutoff, all UK online and B&M stores will not be allowed to legally sell non-TPD compliant hardware or e-liquid.

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